17 September 2012


Some Interior Designers would say that they’d rather focus more on Residential Interiors because the fulfillment they get with their clients is incomparable compared to Commercial kind of projects. In some ways I get what they were trying to say since Residential projects have a more personal relationship with their client per say in contrast to Commercial projects where it’s most likely a business-only (ergo don’t-take-it-personally type of) arrangement.

For me, the biggest reward (aside from getting paid fairly, let’s face it) is seeing the reaction of people being affected by your work in a positive way. That moment where you see the momentary spark in their eyes, the slow creeping of a smile that sends butterflies straight to your stomach as you slowly release this huge contained sigh of relief and then BAM there it goes, you fall in love with what you do all over again.

One type of client I’m very fond of working with are those who are just starting on with their very first home. Some who fall under this category are young married couples and the others are young urban professionals such as bachelors and bachelorettes. It’s one of the exciting things that could happen to anyone, having your very own place where you get to call all design shots and create your very own household rules. As part of the process, you get to ride on with their high of excitement and it can be so contagious it gets you a jumpstart motivation on the project.

So how can you make your own space look more like a bachelor or bachelorette pad? Above are some fail-safe tips regardless of which color you choose as long as you get the combination of the following elements :)

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