20 September 2012

Living La Vida Bohemia

by The Snarkcastic Curator

Candy-colored painted furniture with patchwork upholsteries have been trending for awhile now and if you’re into that kind of look and live around Manila then I suggest you drop by Heima at LRI Plaza as most of their home furnishing and decor embodies that sorta vibe.

Some would use this type of furniture as an accent piece, maintaining all else in stark white or whatever solid color it is they want it mixed with and that’s great if you’re the one selling the said furniture (obviously to make your product stand out). Personally though, I prefer going that extra deluded mile and mix that patchwork piece with MORE and MORE printed, stenciled, or decal-ed furnishing. PRINT on PRINT on PRINT is the way to go for me :)

Also another design tip is layering of materials. Yeah just like in clothing, this is one of those cases where MORE is definitely MORE. If only I could afford it and if only our weather permits our country to be dust-friendly (but alas) I would very much try layering different area rugs in place of wall-to-wall carpeting.

I love how the mix and not necessarily match result gives a bohemian-gypsy or caravan chic atmosphere. In some ways it also shows a bit of whimsy in character and oddly enough reminds me of the awesome house of the Weasleys in the Harry Potter films haha! Granted it tends to look like space on crack, but yeah whatever. To each his own right?

Anyway, here are some of my finds that share a similar La Vie Boheme vibe:

Patchwork Nicola Wing Settee by Heima

via My Friends Call Me Nelly

via Home and Decor

via Eclectic Gypsyland

via Eclectic Gypsyland

via Wild Things’ Forts

via Wild Things’ Forts

Kids, don’t ask your parents for doll houses. Caravans and kitschy tents are waaaaay cooler. Trust me.

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