20 September 2012

Pampanga Food & Heritage Tour

Some people would find it creepy to live in their ancestral homes and sometimes it can be true especially if it’s not as well-maintained. Despite those inhibitions however, I love going to ancestral homes. Visiting them is like going through an entire life line of different eras, a flashback of history in a matter of a visit. I love how some are able to maintain bits and pieces that are dated back then, not only are they exemplary conversation pieces but I also find a nostalgic sort-of charm in them.

Last Saturday despite the rain and threatening floods around the northern part of my country, I was still able to take part in a food and heritage tour in Pampanga spearheaded by a group of young and passionate local travelers who collectively call themselves Culture Shock PH. All day long we ate, we shoot and we conquered…the insane rain, that is.

What I love about their tour, aside from the local food fest, is that we get to visit the ancestral homes of our hosts. Aside from that they personally gave us a bit of cooking demo (Pampanga locals are known for being great cooks) of some local dishes and we get to have intimate conversations with them, which I think is great since you get to look around and learn at your own pace unlike in huge tour groups where it seems like you’re always in a rush.

My lola (grandma) is from Pampanga herself, but our generation never really got to go around her hometown. It was nice to finally be able to get a glimpse of where she came from—the culture, the sights and of course the different tastes of Pampanga :)

Overall I enjoyed the experience :) Here are some photos of the interiors during the trip:

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