28 September 2012

Tropical Botanical

These past recent years have been an explosion of floral influence in terms of design. From floral wallpapers to floral clothing, the flower power came back with a bang. Although I myself am a fan of floral details when it comes to Fashion and Interior Design, let’s face it, it tends to look too “girly”. If you wanted the whole nature feel pattern, but your husband or man-roomie opposes the flora and fauna theme, one compromise that I could suggest is to use leaves instead.

Here are some spaces that have succeeded in doing the whole “tropical leaf-ing” (get it? no? never mind) feel:

via Small Shop Studio (Brian Atwood & Nate Berkus’ dining room via Elle Decor)

DECOR TIP: Want to add “life” or that missing “oomph” to an otherwise monochromatic design? Adding green leafy plants should do the trick! Our professor in college taught us that :)

Aren't they lovely? :)

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