25 September 2012

Typography on Walls

Apart from Interiors, I also have a soft spot for Graphic Design especially when it comes to Typography. I just love the idea of how a seemingly simple text or group of words when arranged in some manner can become a stunning piece of art. In today’s time where you can almost print on any flat surface you could imagine—from tiles to plywood or having your own wallpaper or wall decal design printed just a couple of cartwheels away from a print shop, incorporating Typography in your space has also become easier and more accessible.

So here are some of my finds from the web which I find quite awesome:

via Designbolt

In my bedroom, I usually like to surround myself with motivational quotes so that whenever I would wake up feeling lethargic or with the blues I’m reminded to be positive and have my spirits lifted up a bit. Usually I place those inspirational quotes on frames, but placing them in big bad-ass-in-your-face letters on the wall might work just as much if not an even better reminder, don’t you think? :)

Christmas Tree Quote by Stickers for Wall

I know, I know, it’s too early for the merry holiday spirit for some but I think this is a cute idea if you’re a bit on a budget when it comes to Christmas trees or your space is lacking or constrained for you to have the actual one.

Rules for the Home by Vinyl Impression

This is one interesting idea to have. Imagine not going on about repeatedly regarding your house rules to your new guests (or hard-headed old guests for that matter) or if you’re just not bitchy enough in person to tell your visitor to take their shoes off or not to get all those chocolate from your nibble jar in the kitchen.

by Amy Haywood

Cielito Querido Cafe via B3 Designers

A darker background makes the text look more crisp and as if popping out from the walls. Love, love, love!!!

via Clean Cut Media

Awesome directional signage slash illusion. Parking lots doesn’t have to be boring, eh?

via Style Swoon

And for those in the advanced level bordering insane genius, damn, would you look at that? Sculptural piece of awesome goodness. Doesn’t mean exactly anything when you “read” it, but I don’t care it’s still awesome!

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