04 October 2012


Peacock Chair

Hello again! As you might have noticed (or perhaps not), one of my favorite furniture pieces has got to be CHAIRS. There are thousands upon thousands of different styles, variations and colors that such a piece could have. And like any clothing of a person, a chair has that uncanny ability to reflect the personality of a particular individual.

One example of this is owning a recliner (or La-Z Boy for some). It could mean that the person is laid-back and values comfort highly. Or what about the chair of monarchs, a throne? The bigger and more intricate it is, the bigger their....egos? Haha. But thrones are meant to represent power and great authority. Well whatever it is, the point of this segment entry is to highlight one chair every once in awhile because…well because I want to (and because I say so)? :P And come on, it’s gonna be fun!

So for the first of its soon to be series of “chair-ology” features, I’ve chosen the quite famous “Peacock Chair” in cane or wicker finish. If you want to learn the brief history or origin of this said piece, Kristine of I Design Love had explained it concisely well. This is one of those chairs that has a LOT of variations and could look glamorous and casual at the same time.

Here are some beautiful photos where the Cane Peacock Chair was used:

Fleur Wood Book Cover (via Once Daily Chic)

Peacock Chair Natural by The Family Love Tree (via Down That Little Lane)

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  1. would you know where could i buy a peacock chair?


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