03 October 2012

Fresh Ways to Arrange Your Furniture

They say “variety is the spice of life” and when it comes to Interiors, I believe that this idea isn’t any different. Sure, the price of the living room set at your local furniture depot sounds too good of a steal to pass up, but sometimes being too matchy-matchy tends to make the space look monotonous and predictable. Well, nobody wants to be called boring, yes?

The same concept applies when it comes to furniture layout. Most of you are familiar with the fail-safe template or “formula” of arranging furniture. Let’s take the living room set once again as an example: couch against the wall, coffee table in front of the sofa and perhaps two insanely comfortable arm chairs on the other side turned to a slight 30-45 degree angle just to make it look less boxy. Sounds familiar? 

Whether you have already purchased a set or not, one way of trying to spruce it up or changing the look of your living space (or any room/area for that matter) without buying anything new is by rearranging the layout of furniture.  May I present to you…

Exhibit A: Assymetry

The 25 Hours Hotel Hafencity by Stephen Williams Associates (via Dezeen)

Okay it’s a lobby, but still. Notice that the furniture are similar in style only differentiated by the color of the fabric. The layout of these two sets are practically mirrored and flipped vertically side by side and guess what, it works…and working pretty damn well if you ask me. What made it even better (wait, what there’s more? Uh yeah!) are the two asymmetric coffee tables at the center, the accent chair on the right side and two floor lamps to break the somewhat “match-y” feel of the same-styled furniture pieces. 

Exhibit B: Zoning

by Design Pulp Studios (via HGTV)

In usual settings, the lounge chairs are facing the sofa, but in this case they seem to have a world of their own on the other side with the couch as its spectator. Also notice that all these chairs aren’t up against the wall, which creates a more open atmosphere conducive for entertaining and chattering away. 

Exhibit C: The 45-Degree Angle

(via Victoria Lyon Interiors)

Another tip is placing the bigger furniture pieces in an angle instead of the smaller ones. If your space allows it, why not try putting your bed or sofa on a diagonal angle in proportion to the corner of your wall such as the photo above? Also angled furniture tends to register rather well on camera. And lastly…

EXHIBIT D: The Unexpected

(via Decoration for Life)

At first glance you might think that this is the “usual template” I’ve been talking about at the beginning of this entry, but what makes it different from the norm are on the little details. In this example, the tall accent chair and small round table at the left side of the sofa adds a little bit of unexpectedness from the usual that, wait for it… (and I apologize if I sound like a broken record here)……..works

Now I know most of the examples I’ve shown you are living area-related, but the same concepts are applicable to any other part of your room or house. So try playing with the layout of your furniture a little, and god knows it can double up as an exercise (with a cause, of course!).

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