04 October 2012

Material Spotlight: Brown Leather

Currently I’m obsessing over (distressed) brown leather. It’s been looming over my head like a tick you couldn’t get rid off and began while I was tinkering around a fabric store where I saw this roll of distressed brown leather beauty. Immediately I imagined the said fabric enveloping a wing chair complete with rustic upholstery nails and a piece of throw pillow covered in faux cow hide (as seen in the upper left side). 

A lot of furniture today are usually covered in black, white or even red leather fabric and those look good as well, if you’re doing the whole contemporary-modern thing. As for me, there’s something about brown leather that feels nostalgic and very “Gentlemen’s Club”.

See what I mean with the whole “Old World Charm” that brown leather brings in a space through the photos I’ve gathered from the web below:

Manchester Square Offices (via Shockblast)

(via Furnish Burnish)

(via Braxton and Yancey)

(via The Aestate)

The Edison Bar (via Wired)  

Bed & Breakfast Hotel (via Cumbu)

(via Tuxedo Studs)

(via Tuxedo Studs)

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