16 October 2012

Weekly Finds: Typography in Interiors

I’ve stumbled upon some of these photos recently and I realized that it’s been quite awhile since I did a Typography-related post. So yeah, I’ll try to do my best and make this topic a weekly segment entry as a lot of people are slowly becoming more conscious of the importance and beauty of Typography in actual spaces :)

by Thomas Quinn (via Interior Design Photo Magazine)

Similar to the parking lot directional signage I’ve featured here before, this seeming optical illusion or distortion of the following string of words of wisdom, “Face Reality As It Is” looked like a semi mind-f*ck against the stark white angled walls.

by Studio XAG for Christian Louboutin (via Denzeen)

An awesome window display of vintage-like neon signs and typography for a Christian Louboutin store in London.

You Rotten Prick artwork by Jack Pierson (L: via Danielle Darby; R: via Apartment Therapy)

I have to say this piece by Jack Pierson would make me smile instead of feeling insulted if I had this installed at my home.

Romance by Jack Pierson (via Define and Conquer)

Love this idea of labeling the pastries! It’s simple, cute and feels personalized. If you must know (or you have no choice actually as I’d say it anyway) I’ve had this insane dream of owning a bakeshop similar to this one. I won’t do the baking of course (gawd knows that could end up in a disaster), but I would like to design/co-own the shop :) Someday Mikka, someday (haha).

Cielito Querido Cafe by Esrawe (via Sienna Inspired)

The exterior view of another Cielito Querido Cafe (also featured here). This is still one of my favorite finds in terms of applied Typography when it comes to Interiors/Architecture.

Enjoy :)

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