19 December 2012

Foodie Diaries: Craft

My first memory of drinking coffee was during one breakfast at my maternal lola's (grandma) house and I remembered taking it half and half unlike the black coffee I now religiously take every morning. I was probably no more than ten years old then and ever since I had the experience of tasting the almost (if not already considered as) mocha beverage I was completely and utterly intoxicated by its taste. Right there and then it was love at first...err taste with coffee.

During my days (jeezus I feel old) kids were hardly allowed to drink coffee, at least in my family that was the case. Kids drinking coffee back then were viewed as "bad" as them drinking alcohol so nowadays when I see hardly elementary school tots drinking ginormous frappuccinos I still find myself cringing at the actual visual of it. Plus I never liked fraps so that's another reason for cringing. Since we weren't really allowed to drink coffee then, I usually get my caffeine fix with coffee-flavored ice cream. So yes, my favorite ice cream flavor is Coffee Crumble till this day, thank you very much!

After eating at Mitsuyado Sei-Men, we braved out the weekend traffic of EDSA and went to a warm and fuzzy hole-in-wall coffee shop in New Manila called Craft. It was recommended to us by one of our friends who was with us and had been there before. The vibe of the place reminds me of an abandoned chem lab meets the then Mogwai restaurant in Cubao X. If you're tired of Starbucks and their usual kind of shebang, taking a trip to Craft is worth the experience. They have this meticulous way of brewing their coffee that makes the experience somewhat educational as well. Since I was craving something sweet after eating Japanese food, I ordered their affogato, which was good as they use real gelato.

The glass jar-like piece in the background is used for their slow brewing. Awesome shit, if you ask me. Of course the interior details won't go by unnoticed either. They have nice bar stools, I especially like the wood grain and finish of the seating.

If you're a coffee lover and wanted to try something a bit different, do visit Craft in Quezon City (not to be mistaken of the bar at BGC having the same name).

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