13 December 2012

Foodie Diaries: Mitsuyado Sei-Men

Last week we had planned a small despedida (going-away) party or rather whole day food coma for one of my high school friends and one of the places we went to that day was Mitsuyado Sei-Men along Jupiter Street in Makati. Our friend, Mo, who the despedida was for found a yummy-looking review of the said restaurant beforehand and when I saw the gooey cheese with ramen noodles, there no longer was a need for further convincing.

The interiors of Mitsuyado Sei-Men is too cute and not in a pink-frilly sort of way. They successfully were able to simulate the Japanese al fresco eating and brought it inside their restaurant.

The view from the other side of our table. The photo does not do justice. Behind our server was suppose to be a view of a Barber sign leading towards the Japanese bakery on the other side. This was taken during the aftermath of devouring our ordered dishes. There were a lot of Japanese customers as well, an indication that the food served here must be worth going for or so we just assumed!

I suppose their house specialty is their tsukumen sets, so we ordered two of those. The photo above is their Curry and Cheese Tsukumen and the other set we ordered Karashi Tsukumen. Both are equally good and are paired nicely together! I think the Curry and Cheese set would make one feel umay or find the taste too rich if eaten alone. Pairing it off with the spicy and sesame-infused Karashi balances the said taste of Curry and Cheese.

I recommend you to try out Mitsuyado Sei-Men, not just for the food but also for the overall experience. It's a fresh way of eating Japanese noodles even if you're used to eating cold green tea noodles with dipping sauce. It's a nice cozy and casual place where you could eat and talk without having to shout or feel too rushed to finish your food. Apparently they're also under the ones responsible for UCC and since I have mostly good experience with UCC, I expect the same for this one.

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  1. oh my! cheese cheese cheese CHEESE! i can't wait to try their food~ thanks for sharing this :)


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