14 December 2012

Holiday Decor Tip: Curtains

Just wanted to share with you guys a very simple (as in no-brainer) decor tip that you could do with your extra hanging Christmas ornaments. If you have ring-type curtains you can insert a Christmas ornament of your choice within the ring (just as you would do in a keychain) and voila! You get to add more interest and sparkle to your curtains such as what I did in the above photo. By the way, please do not mind the shower head and shampoo bottles behind.

Here's a close-up of the ornaments. If you have a grommet curtain type, you can hang the ornaments directly unto the curtain rod itself in between the placement of the grommets. Just make sure the thread of the ornaments are longer so it won't look awkward. You can even use thicker ribbons instead of threads for added interest.

Ho-ho-hope (okay that was really bad) that helps!

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