17 December 2012

Home Remedy: Citronella

One of my major pest peeves aside from ants and cockroaches are flies, especially when they conveniently attack whenever you just want to have a nice peaceful meal. Usually in restaurants they light up tea candles to ward off these pesky flying objects, but at home one of the most popular way to repel insects is by the use of Citronella. Nowadays it can be in the form of spray, oils and scented candles. 

The advantage of having a garden at home or perhaps a small balcony if you're living in a condo is that you get to use plants like these in their au natural form. Yesterday we stopped by Market! Market! and bought a Citronella plant and had my dad burry it in our front yard. Due to my mother and I's ignorance, we didn't know that we already had existing ones at home (much to my father's semi-annoyance). But like I said, the more the many-er right? Haha! Once the grasslike leaves started to droop, you can trim the tips off and slice them further into pieces to release more of its citrusy scent. It smells similar to lemongrass, but I think the Citronella has a stronger (in a good way) scent.

So if you're into organic ways of having insect repelled, Citronella is one way to go about it. It smells fresh, no need to fuss lighting up a fire (burning candles is not entirely environment-friendly anyway) and it's not expensive (well, the real plant itself anyway).

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