13 December 2012

Rustic Holidays

Part of being a loving Interior Designer daughter is helping out at home during tis season of jolly (or as some would say, the "season of being chubby"). When I was a kid all I could remember was that most of the decors we have only consisted of red, green and gold. Nowadays as long as it has anything sparkly thrown in the bunch, one could consider it fit for the holiday season. From fuchsia to turquoise to an all-white Christmas, the choices of colors in the department store nowadays are almost endless. 

Usually decorating the tree is the favorite part of most people since it's only logical to do so, but for me my favorite part is decorating the chandelier in our dining room. For the past two years we've done the traditional red and turquoise-silver combination consecutively (see here), and this year we still wanted to do something different from the previous ones so we decided on a rustic and earthy Christmas feel. We tend to move houses a lot if you're curious as to why it was only two years. 

Here is a close-up detail of the chandelier. I think that the key to making the rustic feel work is to use a more realistic shade of green instead of the almost neon ones that are often seen in department stores and mixing it with metallic (not glitter) gold and wood finishes. Use the glitter gold finishes sparingly as accents since you don't want to make it look too glam-sparkly and flat.

TIP #1 If you're the kind of person who wants to venture out on various Christmas colors or don't want to have the same Christmas color scheme every year, you can try what we're doing and rotate our colored decors on every area of the house for every different year. Last time we had the silver-turquoise in our dining room while this year we had that same scheme moved in our living area instead.

TIP #2 If you have a collection of antiques that fall under the color scheme of your choice, now is the time to let them out of your China cabinet and display them in the open. Coincidentally the color of 2013 is Emerald. Yes, I just have to say that and I shall keep on doing so to anyone who would listen until their ears bleed. And yes, I'm that psyched about the said color.

So, you feeling the holiday buzz yet?

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