04 December 2012

Travel Blog: Bangkok

Last two weeks ago I was in Bangkok for some personal R&R or as I’d like to call it: Eat, Pray, Shop. What made this trip extra special is that it was my first time to travel abroad without any relatives and I was with the happy company of friends. Well technically, a friend since we were suppose to be a trio of girls but the other one had to cancel due to unavoidable circumstances.

This trip was almost a year in the making (and saving), but every bit was oh so worth it! It was my second time visiting Bangkok, the first time being around 6 or 7 years ago so it was quite a long time. Lots of changes apparently, such as having more western establishments than what we’ve seen during my previous visit. We stayed at Novotel Hotel in Siam Square and it was a very good location as it was walking distance to a lot of nice shopping areas.

If you’re familiar with the then Cubao X, then the parameters of Siam Square has a similar vibe to it, only make it much bigger. It’s like a place where most of the trendy slash hipster kids go out to play. I wasn’t sure what these army of cloned zebras are for or if they’re actually for sale, but they do make a good subject for a photo haha!

My friend, Jo and I also took a tour to the Royal Palace. During my first time in Bangkok, my family and I took the temple tour and it was okay. It’s just that I’ve reached my quota of temples from when we visited Shanghai and Beijing the previous year and wanted to see more of the Thai architecture, which is why I coerced Jo to pick this tour haha :) Was worth it more though, if you ask me :P

Somewhere inside we got lost on our way so we just took the liberty to do our own tour as oppose to being able to join our group. At the end of the gate when our tour guide saw us again, she was pretty much ecstatic to see us and semi-reprimanded us (in a humorous way) because she got really worried, which was both funny and touching.

The Thai’s have an amazing and somewhat distinct architecture. It’s almost like a good mix of Chinese and Indian, a clear reflection of their cultural roots.

Amazing details!

If you’re visiting Bangkok for the first time or you haven’t tried going to the palace tours, I do recommend it. Even if you’re not fond of architecture, I’m sure you’ll love the photogenic scenery that goes along with it :)

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  1. I miss our BKK trip dear! I hope we can do this again. Miss you Miks! :)


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