11 January 2013

Funny Face

bachelor pad
funny face table styling
coffee table styling

A few months ago I helped out a family friend of ours in rearranging his condo unit. He had an amazing collection of paintings and I wanted to take advantage of practically every nook and cranny in his place to showcase these amazing works. I also had to get resourceful since the goal was to make use of only the things he currently has and to not buy anything new except for the curtains. It was a good thing he had things that I was able to work with haha!

One tip I can give you when dealing with multiple framed artworks to be displayed in a small space is to be conscious of 1) proportion and 2) color. Sometimes I group it according to similar themes or subjects, but mostly my top consideration for grouping them would be the first two that I've mentioned. It also doesn't always have to be nailed on the wall, you can also let it lean on the wall across the floor or layer one tall narrow frame with a small wider one. You can also have it on top of a table or stool while again leaning against a wall.

Like in fashion, don't be afraid to layer artworks. Doing so gives a somewhat casual and eclectic vibe, plus it could serve as a conversational piece when you're entertaining guests or a good conversation starter to your first-time visitors. 


  1. I really like the “modern clown” painting :p

    1. Me too :) Kinda makes me smile every time I see it ;)


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