28 January 2013

Bright Lights, Bigger City

Colored lighting at Home
It seems to me that a lot of people have a love-hate relationship when it comes to warm white lighting. That's the yellow-ish light you have at home that makes you look so darn gorgeous next to a severe case of migraine and heat flush (if it's not the LED kind). Sometimes the warm lighting can be too much you feel like you need to "balance" it by alternating bulbs of warm and cool (that's the white-looking slash ones usually used in offices and hospitals ergo unflattering if you love looking at yourself) lighting, which I do not entirely condone of. Alternating the two lightings is different however from strategically combining them, the latter which I approve more of. I'll probably get into my discomforts regarding that issue on a separate entry.

Having said all these, I feel like lighting when it comes to Residential Interiors is severely under appreciated. It needs more show time of its own, people! And I don't mean just using cool and warm whites, I'm talking about the colored ones as well. Do not be afraid, your house won't look like a cheap motel room or a lair-o-pimp night club if used in moderation and in combination with "neutral" lightings such as the cool and warm whites I've been constantly blabbering about.

Want to change the mood or ambiance of your house without having to bother painting? Try using colored fluorescents (or whichever kind you're using) on your cove lighting. Have your own pool or any water feature at home? Throw out those yellow lights and try using blue or purple lighting to make your koi pond look so ethereal it would be as if you're in Avatar. All your walls are white and you just sometimes want a pop of color depending on your mood? Yep, colored lighting.

Simply look at the photos above to see how it could be done without looking too theatrical. And I kid you not it can be done.

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