15 January 2013


The Tulip Chair by Saarinen
Sometime during the 1950-60's there's been a huge frenzy about space...outer space, that is. Maybe it has something to do with Armstrong being the first man to hop like an astronaut boss on the moon or maybe aliens are just taking over, but this fascination has taken over the design industry--from fashion to even furniture to The Beatles' crooning "Across the Universe" by galactic storm. One popular table at that time (and has been considered an icon since) is Eero Saarinen for Knoll's Tulip Table. It's also featured in Mad Men as part of Roger Sterling's swanky new office decor.

tulip by saarinen in mad men
Roger Sterling's Office featuring the Tulip Table via Cine Premiere
To accompany the Tulip Table, Saarinen also designed a chair bearing the same name (or some would call it as the Pedestal Chair as well). It's really hard not to be familiar with the Tulip Chair since it's still being widely reproduced, repinned, reblogged, etcetera today and is being featured a dozen times in Scandinavian Interiors. It's also been made famous by the original Star Trek series.

tulip by saarinen
Original advertisement for the Tulip Chair.
And here are more "down-to-earth" (get it?) applications of this space-looking chair:
Tulip Chair without arm rest via Scandinavian Chic
from Dwell Magazine via Mid-Centuria
via House to Home

via Niche Interiors

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