16 January 2013

Designer Diaries: Chasing Rainbows

rainbow house on clipper street

Interior Design is a serious business, too serious at times in fact that you just gotta hold yourself back and not take it seriously. When I say "not take it seriously", that doesn't mean slack off and not giving your best shot at work. What I meant is how one approaches it. One of the things I've learned from my first year as an official working professional is that there's a fine line between being passionate and too intense with what you do. Too intense, too serious, too severe...whatever or however you call it, dictionary best sums it up as being "humorless". Ouch!

I know, I know...it sounds so ridiculous since designing is suppose to be fun. Working with people about their homes or talking about actualizing the spaces to fulfill their business dreams are suppose to be exciting and fun. I guess that's what I've forgotten or haven't paid attention to when I started. I was too determined to prove myself out there, I forget how to have fun. How to enjoy the moment, to enjoy what I'm doing. That it's okay to laugh at it, approach design with humor and still be able to take it seriously all at the same time.

rainbow interior design

There's a fun side with being an Interior Designer, obviously, since why the heck would I want to spend the rest of my life being in this career if I felt otherwise. But there's also a stressful side, those of which our clients don't normally see (not complaining, just stating how it is). And for the record, Interior Designers do not just pick curtain fabrics if ever you were thinking of how it's so ludicrous that we get stressed over only that! One doesn't need to pass a board exam just for having good judgement in fabrics, you know. And yes, I have humongous respect for ANY career that requires licensure exams.

So back to what I'm talking about, oh right...having fun. I myself am still finding it sometimes difficult to approach stressful times with ha-ha's, but I'm trying to change that. You see, I learned that sometimes when you take what you love doing too seriously you somehow (unconsciously or not) suck out all the fun that had it attracted to you in the first place.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that, it's okay to laugh it off when things get too uncomfortably serious or when things don't go your way or how you imagined it to be. I'm glad there are people who have reminded me of this whenever I seem to have stopped smiling, because sometimes that's how you stop enjoying what you do and you start wondering the point of it all. So if someone hasn't told it to you yet my awesome dear reader, listen to The Killers and just smile like you mean it. Life is already too serious to be taken too seriously anyway.

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