17 January 2013

Dip Dye & Ombre in Interiors

Dip Dye and Ombre have been all the rage last year especially when it came to the female and metrosexual coif, but this said trend has seeped its influence through the world of Interiors as well. But is it just a fad? Is it? I beg not! I mean how could you even think...no.

So what is the difference between Dip Dye and Ombre anyway? Well here are my self-proclaimed definitions based on my general observations of the aforementioned variables:

Dip Dye Chair
Dip Dye as it appears to me is literally just dipping the ends with another color. Notice the blunt and harsh lines separating the two colors. I suppose one can say it's a form of color blocking, but only the end part is involved. Usually in furniture it's the bottom part of the legs. Ever heard of Yan Yan (yes, yes the national food anthem for grade school recess)? Think of it that way and you'd get an idea how it's done.

ombre interiors
Ombre on the other hand is what I could compare to a classic gradient. The mixture of the different colors gradually fades in contrast to the harsh non-existent blending of Dip Dye. Using ombre can be quite tricky though because it's so easy to make this look tacky. But man oh man when you get to use it properly, it looks damn spectacular! And look, ombre isn't just for girly-girl looks but can also be applied on more masculine spaces as well. My favorite applications of ombre is on walls and fabrics.

So do you love it or do you love it?

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