12 January 2013


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There came a time when a few brave souls would dare ask me if I would be interested in going camping with them. For a few seconds I would stare back blankly at them, blink a couple of times, grin slowly and tell them I would only go camping if the tent we would be staying at looks like the ones in Harry Potter or if we're going to do it Oprah and Gaile style where we get to have french toasts and omelette for breakfast amidst the nice backdrop of Mother Earth.

Needless to say all of them just rolled their eyes at me as the answer points to almost impossible. Hey, don't go judging me as the reason why I have an aversion to camping is because of the toilet facilities. I could sleep on a bed of dead leaves for all I care or with no pillows, but I am particular about decent or clean toilets and bathrooms, which no offense most of these camping sites lack.

from Harry Potter
But then, there came a trend where particular people with aversions to roughing it out with mama nature are given a newfound hope to still be able to do camping, thus I introduce to you: glamping. Like parents making a hybrid out of their names to give to their kids upon birth, glamping is basically glamourous + camping. When this trend came to my attention all I could remember was a scene from one of my favorite episodes from Gilmore Girls where Rory spies/stalks on Logan's secret society activities (You Jump, I Jump Jack).

Think that glamping is too fancy for you? Look at these photos and think about that once again my friend (and for the record, I don't get you)!
Glamping in Britain via Rough Guides Travel
Glamping like Strawberry Shortcake via Inspired Camping
Jackson Hole Luxury Lodging via If It's Hip, It's Here
Dreamy Glamping in Sardinia via One Off Places
via Trend Luxury
If you're not a camping purist like me, then this is more of the kind of camping that I am mostly likely to go to. How about you, are you up for glamping?

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