07 January 2013

Like a Sir: Baby Shower Party

mustache party
mustache party

There are two things that make you realize that you're truly and actually getting older, one is that people your age are starting to get married and two is the sudden abundance of baby photos on your Facebook feed. Last weekend, my older sister asked me to help her out with styling the baby shower party of a close high school friend of hers. I was told that they were interested in giving her a mustache-themed baby shower party, and I was quite psyched for helping them do one.

I must say, mustache parties are becoming really trendy this year and why the hell not it's a fun way to make party guests loosen up. Some people might think it can be a bit of a hassle decorating for a small celebratory gathering, but I think no matter how small the size of the party it's still nice to have a bit of festive decor or themes to make the entertaining, well entertaining.

mustache party food styling
It was quite a happy coincidence that upon entering the house of the mom-to-be, I saw this huge ferris wheel decor at the corner of their living room. Seeing this piece gave that spark of idea and I knew I had to place it as a center piece on the buffet table. From that focal piece on, I worked on adding layers of other details to the table such as the blue and white balloons and other knick knacks they have currently. The idea is to make use of what they have at home and it was a good happenstance they have things that could fit to the purpose of the party. Just in case you're curious, I was told that the ferris wheel was sourced from Dapitan Arcade, which definitely is the home of random affordable house knick knacks (from plates, to wicker baskets to ceramic jars--they have it).

Since it's my sister's friend, we've kindly lend some of our items at home as well for added decor. I've gotten those distressed frames years ago in Dimensione, and the blue and yellow glass antique pieces were some of our collection at home and had also been used back in our thesis exhibit in college.

DIY mustache straws
cupcake mustache mustache partymustache photobooth
mustache photobooth

With some help from my sister and friends, we made a lot of mustache cut-outs as decors for the straws, cupcakes and of course the party must-have, photo booth. The artworks in the frames were customized and printed by me, as well as some of the handwritten signs on the illustration board. Paint used for the text were simply poster paints.

Like I said, there is no size minimum for a party to have a theme or for it to be styled. Decorating your small and simple gathering puts your guests into a festive and jovial spirit, plus it does wonders for immortalizing the celebration through photos. It doesn't have to be grand and you could make use of some of the things you have at home. Make it lovely, make it fun and remember to have a good time :)


  1. those turquoise jars! And I like the concept.. ang kulit!

  2. Hey!! Such a lovely baby shower. I just loved the party favors. Really they are amazing and want to plan a surprise baby shower for my cousin sister at one of Venues in NYC. My friend who is an event planner will help me to arrange it.


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