23 January 2013

Love at First Site: The Book Cover Archive

I like reading books just as much as I like looking at them. One of my favorite things to do when I browse through bookstores is to ogle over different book covers. Sometimes I don't even scan the first few pages of these books, I literally just look at the cover and visually absorb the graphic/print awesomeness around me. Yep, so if you see a petite girl drooling (not literally) over like a loon in front of a public bookshelf then there's a slight chance that could me. I guess I'm just one of those folks who would get a book because of the cover even if it has some crappy title.
modern covers for penguin classics
One of the few disadvantages of having a reading tablet is that you hardly get to buy actual tangible books anymore. I'm very guilty of this, but it's just so darn convenient! But if you're planning on having a library or using your books as decor to your home to make you look scholarly or whatever, it's still good to buy the printed version (and if your budget permits it). And have you seen the book covers nowadays, especially the republished classics with modern covers? They look so pretty they could be accent pieces to your console or coffee table.

book cover archive

If you're a book cover junkie like me, check out this website called The Book Cover Archive. They have an awesome array of book covers which I find incredibly inspiring and if you're a graphic designer or graphic appreciator of sort, then I betcha by golly wow (I know, that's just sad) you'd love it too!

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