03 January 2013

Je Ne Sais Quoi

My New Year as seen on Instagram

There's always that inexplicable something when it comes to the eve of New Year's, but what I love most about it is that it's always that one annual moment where people all over contain one and the same frenzied feeling: hope. Hope for something good to happen, hope that there is still something good left in this wild world that could happen and a fresh start to change for the better--to be better. A new year, a new chance to make things happen. 

My family chose to celebrate the coming New Year at a rooftop of one hotel in Makati along with a few other relatives and less than a hundred strangers, a buffet spread till 1am and an overflowing supply of red wine. I realized that events like these are best spent among family and strangers. Somehow it's nice to know that even if you don't know each other by name, there's still that sense of camaraderie present in all of you in the form of a unified optimistic anticipation and somehow there's just comfort in that kind of familiarity. 

Then after the sparks fizzle into smokey leftovers, the moment is over and you go back to sipping your alcoholic beverage of choice (soda juice for kids), return back home and Instagram what just happened. Haha.

A happy new year to you, let's set up our goals and make it happen!

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