21 January 2013

The Closet Office

the closet office
Welcome to the official club of adulthood.

Your first lesson: Unlearn (but not forget) all things you've learned from this point thus far.

What they taught you before, they weren't exactly lies or pointless nuggets of wisdom. They were taught to you in preparation for what's out there, once you've stepped into the dark...err sorry, "real" side. Don't talk to strangers? Good luck with networking. First impressions don't last? Tell that to your job interviewer the first five seconds. It's like you're given this manual to real life alright, and you study the darn thing for almost a quarter of your entire mortal existence and then when you finally got unleashed into the adult wild you learned that ha, joke's on you...'cause there is NO manual for life! It simply does not exist. Fanf**ckingtastic! Ain't life grand, indeed!

The truth is, you author your own manual. The pseudo manual given to you was just a sample guide to give you an idea of what you're going to do out there. To discover what you want to do when you get out there. Ever wonder why when you're in school they call life outside it the "real life"? Kinda bizarre because it gets you to question if what you've been doing all that time is just playing a "fake" life. Not that it's actually fake, but more of a simulation of how it's going to be like outside the comforts of the academe. It is not a flow chart that when you follow point for point leads you to graduate on time. You unlearn everything you've learned only to learn them once more, only this time around it would be under a different light or perspective.

And since you're an adult now, it means working on your own office. Am I getting good at this segway-ing or what? No? Fine. The trend right now is heading towards the use of home offices, but not all homes could afford to vacate and allot an entire room just to make it as your own workspace. The solution? Use or create a closet that would serve as your office niche! Since these "Closet Offices" are built narrow and obviously small, now's the time to go for broke and make it dramatic. Use a splash of bold or dark color on the walls for accent, do it with patterns and that would look amazing. Use curtains or decorative shutters as doors to enclose your Closet Office whenever you have guests so it would still look good even when concealed. Refer back to the photos above to see all these tips in action.

Just because your space is small doesn't mean there's no room for workspace, yes? :)

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