14 January 2013

The Framed Formula

The Framed Formula made with Olioboard

Do you have many photos or artworks at home that you just wanted to display on your wall, but have no idea how to go about it and make it look half as decent as your peg online? Keep calm frustrated Martha Stewart and stay on as here are some foolproof tips on how to group your paintings, photo frames, etc. like a decorating pro! Of course there's no one formula on how to do it, but at least by following some of the steps below you can get an idea on how to start the layout of your frames. For simplistic purposes, I only used rectangular/square frames, but you may replace one or the other with oval or round ones as the concept on how to do it is just the same.

The Mirror Image - Basically, what goes to the left goes to the right. Or what goes up must also go down (no pun intended). It's about balance and symmetry. 
Alternate / Assymetry - If you place an imaginary line in the middle, the one in the left looks different from the right. One pair could be the same diagonally and the other pair could be different from one another.
Combination - Think you're ready for the advance stuff eh? Well try combining the first two options. Since nailing frames (or using adhesives) to the wall can be semi-permanent, you can try to layout your frames first on a table top or floor so you'd get an idea if the proportion works or not.

So here's a quick recap:The Framed Formula made with Olioboard

If you're familiar with the photo frame apps that are getting popular nowadays, the concept of framing is pretty much like so. You can use those apps as basis or templates that you can also apply in your actual frame decorating. Like I said before, also consider proportions and color when grouping artworks. Hope this made it easier for you :)

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