10 January 2013

The House We Live In #1

wicker balls
coffee table styling
lamp base

Some people lived most of their lives in one house, their "ancestral" or "childhood home" as they would call it, but I on the other hand have so far experienced living in seven different houses throughout my entire quarter life. My parents are not diplomats nor do they have jobs that require them to travel or move around a lot, but I suppose we had just gotten used to treating houses as commodities. We move because it's convenient for us--either for work (school back then) or as a piece of real estate investment. Did I ever wish to have lived "normally" in contrast to our modern bohemia lifestyle? Sometimes yes, but then there are perks to having lived in different places at various parts of the metro, one of them in particular is that you get to improve your innate GPS which Lord knows mine needed a whole lot of improvement back then (hell yeah I'm much better at it now!).

I guess it's safe to say that we have gotten immune to that not feeling "homesick" sentiment whenever we switch residences, because of how we were raised and it has become a lifestyle we have grown accustomed to. Apart from that, I suppose that having most of the same things like furniture and home decorating pieces helped a lot in making whatever new nest we're occupying feel more familiar and like "our home".

Anyway, I'm starting another series post called The House We Live In. Basically it's a bunch of random photos of things and whatnots lying around the house that I just wanted to share with you and I'll try accompanying it with a short anecdote or some random thought every now and then. So yeah, it's almost like another version of a home tour in various parts. 

You think you don't give a crap about the junk we have here, but I know you're at least curious. Enjoy you crazy amigo!

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