25 February 2013

Design Talk: Details #1

EHA Family Trust Residen in Wilson, Wyoming

Do not be fooled by simplicity, especially when it comes to design. Sometimes the most simple, clean-looking or seamless appearance of a design consumes the most time of brain work. Concealing details and making them look as if they aren't there takes careful deliberation, constant back and forth thinking and revision and meticulous conceptualization. So the next time you see a design, whether it be a product or space that looks simple and yet burns a big hole in a pocket, remember to check the details and see if it's worth the hole. 

This EHA Family Trust Residence in Wilson, Wyoming is a nice example of having subtle but really nice interior details. Indoor water features used as room dividers in residential spaces aren't anything new, but I love how it was executed in this particular space. The green lighting against the blue waters enhanced by the glass makes a nice play of colors and a very nice art piece in itself. Beautiful. 

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