06 February 2013

Swinging 60s

swinging 60s
There was a time when retro-themed parties where all at rage and people would often come up dressed like a human character from Scooby Doo. When I was younger I didn't really appreciate the retro so much because I find the psychedelic and groovy patterns of this era as bordering tacky, but knowing better now I had a change of heart and have in fact even developed a somewhat soft spot for the revolutionary color power Sputnik decade. What not a lot of people know though is that most of your favorite "modern" or mid-century iconic furniture actually sprouted from this timeline. Those chairs you love from Dwell Magazine or most of your pegs from Scandinavian Interiors? Yep, most likely they came from the 60s. So if you were like me back then when I didn't know better and didn't like the 60's as much, well better think again my friend!

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