21 March 2013

Color Board: Summer 2013

While some parts of the hemisphere are celebrating their "First of Spring", here in our local tropical islands we are melting under the heat of summer sunshine. I've noticed that this particular summer most people seem to either go for neons or pastels. I, on the other hand, am currently inspired by this particular swimsuit (don't even ask why) and basically the colors you usually see in tropical tie-dyed shirts. Yes, even the tacky ones you see in some of the souvenir shops and thus having said these I have come up with yet another one of my self-proclaimed summer color palette of choice for this year. For the record, I did not come up with the names of these colors as they were based from Pantone's Fashion + Home Color Guide. Yep, so don't look at me funny since those are legit ones.
Summer 2013 Color Palette Pantone Fashion + Home Color Guide
Not just applicable to your sunny apparel, you can use these colors to change the feel of your home as well. Apply it on your throw pillows, placemats, heck even dinnerware and curtains. So how about you? What's your 2013 summer color? :)

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