14 March 2013

The Many Faces of Julia

fornasetti julia plates

Meet Julia. I'm sure somewhere along the way, you may have stumbled upon an Interior Design googled photo of this damsel here and one may even say that she's the alternate Mona Lisa...well at least the spoofed version of the woman with an enigmatic smile (who we actually learned wasn't really smiling, the shadow just made it appear as if she was so). Julia over here has undergone several transformations, one of my favorites being her own version of Charlie Chaplin:

Fornasetti Charlie Chaplin
Julia ala Chaplin. Complete with 'stache and heavy eyeliner.
So who the heck is this Julia person?! Well just like Leo Da Vinci (haha yeah feeling close) is to Mona, well Julia over here is created by Piero Fornasetti, or like any other super famous people wherein they simply could go by their last name and still be known as themselves--the effin' Fornasetti, would suffice. Julia was inspired by a soprano woman back then by the name of Lina Cavalieri and the rest as we call it is history. Now her face is on plates, wallpapers, jars, commodes and who knows what else and quite frankly I don't care I just love how quirky she is.

Combining humor and taste, I think Fornasetti's Julia made it happen. Nuff said.


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