19 March 2013

Triangle: The Stripes Alternative

Do you sometimes stare at your blank plain wall thinking what the hell you can do with it to spruce it up? Put up a new coat of another solid bright color? Paste a new layer of flowery wallpaper? Or go for "bold" and run some stripes on it? 

Although stripes is a semi-easier way of adding some oomph to your plain walls, surfaces and other...well plain home stuff, sometimes it can feel a bit...uh what's a milder term for overrated? Not that I have anything against stripes, I mean personally I like them, but if you're looking for something else other than that and you can't be bothered with polka dots, one awesome alternative to it are (insert drumroll for optional drama) TRIANGLES

Isosceles, equilateral, obtuse...whatever it is I love how you can use this one shape and make it into different geometric patterns. Mix and match it as well with different colors and bam, you get kaleidoscopic visual goodness. It's a bit "more work" than stripes but less than work when manually painting circles and round shapes, so if you're feeling crafty go for triangle!

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