27 April 2013

Five for 5

The Basics of Home Entertaining
Home Entertaining Essentials
So to give y'all (wait...when did I start talking...nevermind) a break from my sappy realizations amidst the crisis that is Quarter Life, here's another Five for 5 list dedicated to...(insert drumroll please)...home entertaining!

I grew up in a household that loves to entertain guests and actually makes an effort in fixing up the table even if we're only having a simple dinner for 6-10 people. Out of all the seven dwellings (read here) we've lived in, we always consider it if it's fit for entertaining visitors. Given the nature of my profession, I am automatically bestowed the task of sprucing it up regardless if it's my guests or not.

Sometimes you want to have different looks or set ups, but obviously have a limited budget. This is especially true when you're just starting out with your own home or have zero clue on what items to get as they are so many. Based on my experience, some of the pieces you can keep in stock or splurge on are the following five since these pieces practically go with anything and can instantly turn any table top from drab to fab. Consider these like your perfect basic white tee that goes along with anything and almost any occasion.

  1. Silver or Stainless Steel Utensils - It would be nice to have it in more simple and clean lines so that you can use them on both casual and elegant setups. 
  2. Simple Plates & Plate Chargers - I would recommend if you can stock up on plates that are white or bisque-colored. Plate chargers add a bit more of elegance and I would often recommend it in silver or gold because I would consider them as the "oomph neutrals" or in words that are more simple and sweet, lakas lang makasosyal.
  3. Table Cloths in Black, Gray and White - If you have the budget for colored ones and with patterns, then I say go for it. But those with tight pockets you may want to focus more on the following colors: black or dark gray, light gray, beige white or crisp white. These are good color bases in case you want to have setups with bright or non-neutral color accents. You can never go wrong with these.
  4. Clear Drinking Glasses & Vases - Invest in good drinking glasses with clean lines. Same goes with the vases. I usually recommend something with clean lines and lesser details for those with limited budget because they can go for both casual to (almost) formal. 
  5. Tea Lights - Stock up on tea candles....and I mean a LOT. They can instantly add drama and ambience to any table top. Let them float on top of a clear vase filled with water and pebbles (or shells) and bam, you already have a simple but chic center piece. Place them beside the vases near your floral arrangement or on each step of your stairs for drama. Not only do they provide ambiance and decor, they also help ward off the pesky mosquitos while eating. They also have ones that are battery-powered if you're concerned about the heat it produces, though they might not be as effective in warding off the insects. 

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