25 April 2013

The House We Live In #2

GLORY DAYS--a time in the past regarded as being better than the present, or so says Google. This is exactly how I felt whenever I would get a glimpse of this...this evidence of our so-called "Glory Days" as a student, which is also perhaps why for more than a year or two it had been proudly "showcased" at the bottom or top most part of our bookshelf, basically away from the easy accessibility of my near-sighted eyes. It was only recently while doing our annual "spring rearranging of furniture" that my mother had noted why I don't place it in a more, shall we say "eye-level" location? At that time I simply shrugged it off, blaming it on misplaced humility and so there it is now at the place seen in the photograph above..........beside my working table.

If I were more cartoon-ishly dramatic (okay fine I am), I would have squinted my eyes at it and accuse it with lines going along like "wutcha lookin' at buster" in my most mobster-gangsta voice. It sits there like a threat, daunting you constantly as if saying "is that the only thing you got?". I know, I know, I should be more proud of this accomplishment. It says so on Google, trophies are decorative objects or prizes for some victory or success (and yes, because Google is TRUTH...okay I kid). But sometimes, especially with that eerie lighting, it also seems like a looming threat that you can be just a one-hit wonder. Ah yes, again with the over thinking and unjustified fears. Boo hoo.

Perception, people. Being humble is good, it's just that sometimes overdoing it leads to instances such as the ones mentioned above. I say, we worked darn hard for it and dammit if we don't own it! I refuse to let it be a symbol of threat, instead I want it to be a reminder of how we were at that time. We weren't the strongest bunch and at times we hear things that made us doubt, friendships were indeed tested, we basically lacked sleep and money, but we still managed to rise above the challenges thrown to us and I won't apologize for basking in the glory of its sweet, sweet reward. I may feel otherwise if I know we didn't work for it, but we sure as hell did.

So in times when I feel like my continuing efforts are not producing the results I desire, I would take a bit of my time looking at this tangible evidence to remind me that once we were able to succeed at a time we thought we couldn't. We pursued, we persevered and if it happened once, making it happen again is not impossible.

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