11 May 2013

Canmake Philippines

I'm not exactly a "beauty blogger" so it came as a surprise to me when I was invited by Canmake Philippines to a beauty workshop at The Wine Museum. After the initial surprise had worn off, the information finally sinked in that Canmake is finally going to be available locally! Yeeees! Even if I'm not entirely a beauty blogger, I'm a self-proclaimed make-up junkie (my friends could strongly back me up on this) and I've raved about some of my favorite Canmake products once before. I've been getting my own supply of Canmake from Sasa aka the make-up McDonald's/Starbucks in Hong Kong and so far I've been happy with all my purchases.


I've tried some of their eyeshadows before, also their Coloring Eyebrow mascara and cream blush and all of them were a hit for me. Their Perfect Brown Eyes palette is one of my most favorite eyeshadows ever because it's pigmented, hardly creases when you use the included primer and it has a decent amount of glitter that isn't tacky. I'm excited to learn that they have a separate pan for eye primer in which they boldly say could rival Urban Decay's Primer Potion. Hopefully it could live up to its claim and of course be available at a much affordable price. I'm also curious to try their matte bronzing/contouring powder because the ones I have from The Balm kept on breaking out on me recently :(

canmake smooth skin primer

They gave us a few samples and one of it was this Smooth Skin Primer. During the demo we were first skeptic about this particular product because the results weren't too obvious with the flawless model. I've tried this once and though normally you have to wait for a couple of more usage before stating your comment about it, so far I like it as a base. It's not too obvious until you actually touch your skin after putting it.

One of the things I like about this product upon first usage is that it mattifies the skin apart from reducing the visibility of pores. This is obviously perfect for our humid weather. Second  is that it makes liquid foundation or BB Cream spread much easier. What I usually look for in a base primer is that it makes the spreading of BB Creams or liquid foundations smoother (avoiding the tendency of streaky lines) and it makes your make-up last longer despite the melting weather. So having your pores reduced and your skin matte in addition to those things are definite plus points for me.

I'm not sure when exactly will they be releasing the Canmake products here in the Philippines, but you can follow them on their facebook page so you'd get updated :)


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    1. The reason for the green tea kitkat :)

    2. ooooooh~ i thought..... hehehehe i'll tell you when we meet ;)

  2. Are you going to repurchase the skin primer?
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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