09 May 2013

Glossy Cover Swoon

Have you seen the latest cover of Vogue Living Australia? Someone please pick up my jaw from the floor 'cause if that ain't lovely then I'm not sure what is! Granted that the color scheme is inspired by the French flag, but for me it's a clusterfudge of berry-gooey awesomeness. Sorry, but I have a weakness for the whole blueberry-strawberry color combination. Plus, the scrunched up bulldog (French, yes) adds up cute points...and to think I have a sort-of phobia with dogs (childhood trauma, don't ask).

I also loved the relaxed don't-give-a-crap styling. A good balance of color and style that isn't too masculine or feminine. So starting couples out there who are arguing on their home decor, you might wanna consider this scheme. Speaking of, at the beginning of this year I collaborated with a friend to style a home catalogue for SM Hypermart. The challenge was to only use things found in SM Hypermart...which I think doesn't need further commentary ;)

Although the task presented itself to be quite a challenge due to certain limitations, it is not an impossible one. They have a lot of nice and colorful accessories that would also look striking on camera so for one shot I practically picked every red and blue decor I could find. I added a splash of yellow (hello primary colors or as I'd like to label it: blueberry, strawberry and lemon) for added visual interest. Of course it's no Vogue, but for those who are looking for a similar feel in terms of color and has a tight budget then this is something you can go for--accessories, accessories, accessories (and oh, paint color too)!


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