14 June 2013

How to Use Purple in Interiors

Purple Interior DesignPurple Interior Design

Well folks it's official. Summer days are gone too soon (yep, again with those song puns) and rainy season is in the air...literally as it has been pouring kittens and puppies here in Manila for the past week. With the changing of tides come with the transition of colors as well, at least mostly in the wardrobe department. Anyway, all these thoughts of rainy season inspired me to write this post about the color purple (or aubergine, lavender, lilac, violet--whichever you prefer my dear reader).

I think purple seems to be a fitting color to reflect the doldrums of this gloomy bed weather. Not a lot of people are fond of this color because it gets discriminated like the color pink aka it's deemed as too girly or too Barney, but in my opinion it isn't entirely true. Just look at the sample photos above. This shade of purple that is closely gray (trivia: mix violet and yellow in your watercolor palette to improvise a gray shade instead of black and white) and black gives the interiors a more relaxing and less harsh feel as oppose to actually using just black and gray, which can sometimes appear flat and cold. Pair it up with deep but saturated color accents to make the room pop.

The deeper and toned down shades of purple makes room for a mildly dramatic but relaxing room that is neither too feminine or masculine. For those looking for a gender-neutral color and can't stand anymore white, black and gray, you might want to consider these purple-infused palettes.

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