10 October 2012

Love It or Hate It: High Gloss Paint Trend

Back then I’ve convinced myself strongly of using glossy paint finishes only on the following surfaces: cabinets, doors or furniture (perhaps in automotive vehicles as well, but that ain’t my department) but most definitely not on walls. No, no, no. Semi-gloss? I don’t understand you people. You see if walls aren’t prepped well, glossy finishes tend to accentuate the “flaws” or bumps and waves on the walls that aren’t as obvious when matte or satin finishes are used. Also, glossy walls tend to create glare when taking photos so if you don’t want the fuss of doing elaborate things just to take a photo of the space then this type of finish or “top coat” (like in nail polish) is not that advisable.

However not so long ago I’ve had a change of heart on the matter. Seeing this type of coating in dark hues made me change my stand regarding this finish. Somehow it creates a dramatic and luxe effect when you use it with deeper saturated hues while using it in white or gray tones make the shade look somewhat “metallic”. It’s now lala-love for me!

Just take a look at these sample photos below:

The black gloss paint gives an interesting texture to the walls that compliments well with the lighter accents. (via Washingtonian)

This wonderful blueberry shade is my favorite when it comes to high gloss finishes. (by Nate Berkus via Elle Decor)

Instead of using mirror on the ceiling, try using high gloss to give an illusion of added height and heightened glamour. (via Funkia)

To-die-for emerald high gloss ceiling! (by Thom Filicia via Habitually Chic)

High gloss used as an accent against matte painted walls making it look like a two-toned wallpaper. (by Kristen F. Davis Designs)

A sample of how high gloss is used on furniture. (via Rachel Bishop Designs)

So high gloss paint on walls/ceilings, love it or hate it?


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