15 November 2012

Chairology: The Cool Kids of Starck

Philippe Starck is one of those people whom it’s considered simple blasphemy not to know, especially if you’re in any part of design field or just mingling and schmoozing around with the folks at the upper crust of our society. And no, he is not Ironman that’s Tony Stark right there and the one I’m talking about here is a French product designer whose designed headphones to toothbrushes, and more notably chairs (although I must say the robot suits would have been cool as well).  

Posted above is an almost catalogue-like biased version of what I think to be are Starck’s commonly used chairs in Interiors. The chairs I’ve picked are based on my observations that aside from them being more than widely used, it has also been very much widely reproduced, copied and morphed into several variants of its originally produced design. Can’t say I blame them other designers/decorators/frustrated decorators slash homeowners out there for using these popular kids repeatedly because let’s face it, they’re really awesome.

So take note people and get schooled by these cool babies of Philippe Starck :)

14 November 2012

Hamptons Style on Revenge

Hamptons Style: Inspired by Grayson Manor from Revenge

One of my recent TV guilty pleasures would have to be ABC’s Revenge. I know, the title itself can seem a bit…off, nevertheless it’s one of those shows that makes me want to keep on tuning back for more. The constant drama, daily back stabbing and manipulation veiled up in a posh suburb-like setting of The Hamptons can make the Upper East Siders’ stiletto scheming look like child’s play.

Majority of the set is shot within the Grayson Manor and even if in actuality it’s located in North Carolina, it still has that traditional charm without being too “stuffy” for my taste. If I’m going to go for a traditional big ass home, then I’d definitely go Hamptons Style. After the cut are some other Hamptons-inspired interiors I’ve scoured (not part of the Revenge set) over the web.

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