04 January 2013

Trending: Colored Main Doors

My yellow bedroom door when we were still living in a condo.

When you're reaching quarter life, the saying "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" elevates to a different and more personal meaning. After more than a decade of staying "safe" in school in order to graduate, taking risks is one of the many first lessons I've learned after being unleashed into the adulthood wild. Quite ironic, isn't?

In every quest to take more risks, a constant recurring obstacle would be fear. People would tell you to  set those fears aside, especially if those fears don't have any basis to back it up otherwise known as a figment of your paranoid imagination, but I say face that fear head on. Fear is a part of life and frankly, setting it aside won't make it go away anyway, which is why I'm telling you (and reminding myself) to suck it up and learn to live with it. Deal with the fear, bask in it, but don't ever get stuck in that moment. Instead, feel the fear and still do it anyway. That, my friend, is taking risk.

So why not do the same for your own space (ha! The art of segway-ing eh)? Experiment on colors or textures, move around your furniture and create a new positive vibe in your humble or extravagant abode. One way of taking a risk at your home is by coloring your door or main entry with a nice pop of bright color. I love painting doors with a nice unexpected shade because it brings a hint of quirk to an otherwise serious and monotonous space.

Red Main Door
As proof of my fascination with colored doors, here's a photo of the main door of our current home during our second year of celebrating Christmas here (just had to explain the decor). Another plus side of having colored doors is that it tends to become a conversational piece in itself for our visiting guests and it's a good backdrop for vanity portrait pictures. And yes, that's good enough reason for me.

Colored doors are no new feat, but I've noticed that more and more people are becoming playful enough to sport this look at their respective homes. Below are other examples of spaces rocking the colored door trend:

Pink Door by Moises Esquenazi
by Moises Esquenazi

Aqua Door
via Maggie Mae
Neon Door
via Remodelista
Baker Street, London Door
Photo by Echiner1
What do you think? Too fruity for your taste or ain't it a hot piece of door candy?

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