07 February 2013

Birdcages in Interiors

Avian Birdcages Wallpaper by Kenneth James
Birdcage Chandelier via Restoration Hardware
birdcage in interiors

Symbolically birdcages can mean two things: if it's closed it can denote being confined or imprisoned while if opened (with some flock of birds bursting out just for added drama) may mean "being free at last". I guess this is the "charm" that continues to lure people to birdcages, the way it represents one's struggle to be free and the actual state of being so. Kind of romantic in a Shakespearean sort-of way isn't? What I love about using birdcages in decorating is how it comes in different shapes, sizes and colors. From cathedral to lantern-like shapes, it's as if they have an architectural style of their own. Apart from using birdcages as actual cage for birds, I also like using it as candle holders, a conversational piece of house decor or as a pattern for fabrics, wallpapers or even decorative decals. See how I used ours in my previous post.

Ain't that lovely?

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