30 May 2013

Boutique Hostels

Some of my friends would label me as “high-maintenance” when it comes to being their traveling companion (and perhaps in some other areas of life in general), but what can I say? Do I apologize for wanting to have at least a clean toilet (not even a high-tech modern one, just for Pete’s sake a decent and clean bathroom) during travels? Do I apologize for wanting to sleep on nice hotel-grade beddings with a back-friendly mattress complete with awesome toiletries for me to take back home (I know most of you are guilty of this so don't you dare look at me funny)? Do I apologize for preferring glamping over plain ol’ camping? As I would fondly tell my relatives and friends, walang basagan ng trip.

I suppose I’m just one of those who loves to relax when they travel. I would like to travel to see the architecture (and of course interiors), learn about the culture, eat good food and basically to explore without getting stressed out. I get others who would like to travel for the sake of traveling without caring if they sleep wherever or eat packed noodles or canned goods during the duration of their travel and for me that’s okay, that’s fine and that’s their thing. Walang basagan ng trip.

With the abundance of airfare promos and all that marketing pizzaz on budget traveling, I learned from some of my friends about hostels which basically are accommodations mainly targeted to backpackers and budgeted travelers. Usually they have a dormitory setting and for someone who is on the paranoid side I couldn't really see myself in that kind of travel setting unless I know all the people who would be staying in that room with me. See? High-maintenance. But then a friend of mine posted a photo of a hostel he stayed at somewhere in Asia that got me interested in this particular set-up. Add the effective advertising of MNL Boutique Hostel on Facebook (it kept popping out in my feeds that I eventually just gave in and clicked on their page), and my interest on hostels, boutique hostels in particular, piqued. Thus, this entry was born!

So yeah anyway, most photos I've seen of hostels are on the quirky and hip side mainly to attract the type of clients that they want. For those in their 20s or 30s who enjoy traveling, have limited budget but still want to stay in a decent place, I think this is something worth considering. Heck looking at these photos, I myself am also reconsidering my take on the matter. Here are some hostels that caught my interest:

How about you? Are you willing to try out hostels locally and/or abroad? :)

11 May 2013

Canmake Philippines

I'm not exactly a "beauty blogger" so it came as a surprise to me when I was invited by Canmake Philippines to a beauty workshop at The Wine Museum. After the initial surprise had worn off, the information finally sinked in that Canmake is finally going to be available locally! Yeeees! Even if I'm not entirely a beauty blogger, I'm a self-proclaimed make-up junkie (my friends could strongly back me up on this) and I've raved about some of my favorite Canmake products once before. I've been getting my own supply of Canmake from Sasa aka the make-up McDonald's/Starbucks in Hong Kong and so far I've been happy with all my purchases.

10 May 2013

09 May 2013

Glossy Cover Swoon

Have you seen the latest cover of Vogue Living Australia? Someone please pick up my jaw from the floor 'cause if that ain't lovely then I'm not sure what is! Granted that the color scheme is inspired by the French flag, but for me it's a clusterfudge of berry-gooey awesomeness. Sorry, but I have a weakness for the whole blueberry-strawberry color combination. Plus, the scrunched up bulldog (French, yes) adds up cute points...and to think I have a sort-of phobia with dogs (childhood trauma, don't ask).

I also loved the relaxed don't-give-a-crap styling. A good balance of color and style that isn't too masculine or feminine. So starting couples out there who are arguing on their home decor, you might wanna consider this scheme. Speaking of, at the beginning of this year I collaborated with a friend to style a home catalogue for SM Hypermart. The challenge was to only use things found in SM Hypermart...which I think doesn't need further commentary ;)

Although the task presented itself to be quite a challenge due to certain limitations, it is not an impossible one. They have a lot of nice and colorful accessories that would also look striking on camera so for one shot I practically picked every red and blue decor I could find. I added a splash of yellow (hello primary colors or as I'd like to label it: blueberry, strawberry and lemon) for added visual interest. Of course it's no Vogue, but for those who are looking for a similar feel in terms of color and has a tight budget then this is something you can go for--accessories, accessories, accessories (and oh, paint color too)!
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