18 June 2013

Mu Noodle Bar

Mu Noodle Bar by Jagnus Design Studio

It's actually pretty much easy to spot when I've crammed a rendering on my plate back when I was still a design student, and since I'm already free from the said institution (okay I didn't mean to make it sound mental), here's my little confession: if it only or mostly consist of wood, concrete and black/white there is a high probability that it was a byproduct of last-minute coloring on my part. Hey, it's easy to do without compromising aesthetic impact. Ask any other Interior Design student!

But just because I use these particular finishes mostly when I'm cramming doesn't make them any less effective in an aesthetic sense. Matter of fact I actually dub the pairing of these finishes as combinations you can hardly go wrong with. Think of it like your basic white tee, you can pair it up with almost anything and hardly could look wrong with it. While these materials are more or less a given recipe for good-looking success, playing with the form of the space is the key to make it different from the rest.

neutral minimalist wood black white concrete

This brings me to Mu Noodle Bar designed by Jagnus Design Studio, the dudes behind the awesome Ronac Art Center and the most interesting Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branch I've ever been to. Since the recent re-opening of Glorieta 1, my family and friends have been in this restaurant a couple of times already. Although the service of some of the servers still have room for improvement (they usually seem so cranky or not warm and sometimes ignoring you when you call them...and yes, they know we were talking to them), I like their ramen and the ambiance of the place. You know when you just want to have a place to go to for good food and good conversations? This is one of those places for me. And have you seen their custom-made chairs? I spazzed out during my first time eating here.

It's nice that people are giving more importance with design in general nowadays. Apart from earning money from the part of these business owners, it's also good that you're giving back the customers an experience worth spending to :)


  1. It's really nice color, makes i comfy


  2. "they usually seem so cranky or not warm and sometimes ignoring you when you call them...and yes, they know we were talking to them" - THIS IS SO TRUE! lol

    but their interior is so nice nga. This is one of my inspirations for my current project :)

    Thank you for sharing this dear <3


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