30 June 2013

Bakery Design

One of the best feelings in the world (aside from falling in love, receiving your first pay check and having clean nails) is waking up to the warm aroma of freshly brewed coffee and toasted bread, well in my opinion at least. I would have said freshly baked bread, but then again my baking skills haven't reached that level yet ergo bread toast would be realistically suffice for now. Speaking of bread, it has been my life long dream (apart from being an Interior Designer) to be able to own or even just design a bakery.

Most of my friends know this and they would always roll their eyes at me every time we pass by this local clothing store called "Bread and Butter" because I keep on repeatedly telling them of the story of how I used to own a bakeshop (okay it was in The Sims, but still!) of the same name. Somehow it seems to slip my mind every single time (well almost) that I've already told this bit of trivia to the same cluster of people over and over again haha! Anyway, why do I want to own or be part of something that involves the selling of freshly baked bread? Well like I've said, it's about the feeling it triggers when you get that first whiff of that freshly baked batch of awesomeness...or maybe it has something to do with nostalgia. It's like bringing you to a time or moment where everything seems simple, comforting and safe. It brings you home. Wow, that very much just sounded like a Don Draper back there.

Anyway because of this, I'm mostly drawn to bakeries that have an industrial or rustic feel to it. Bread for me is supposed to be a comfort food and what more to make the customer feel this by making the place appear homey and quaint as well. Not unless you're selling "designer breads", which by all means make it look big, shinny and glimmering! So if you ask me, do I feel the same when it comes with burger joints? Well, it is a legitimate question as burgers are part bread...oh what the heck, of course it's an entirely different thing smart arse!

What about you? What are your simple pleasures in life?

Sources: Panscape Bakery by ninkipen! // Elektra by Studioprototype Architects // Valentina Bakery by Masif


  1. Until now. I always imagine to have my own cafe or bakery that looks like this. The ambiance is so relaxing.


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