26 June 2013

Skinny Houses

Skinny Narrow House

"What do these people from middle-low to low market want? They want or aspire to be like the rich," says to me by one working from the advertising field during a briefing for a collaborative work. Of course those lines weren't the exact ones that were said, but it did went along to something like that as far as I could remember. What I do remember, however, is that I had to bite my tongue so bad just so I won't be tempted to retort a smart-ass cheeky remark since a) I would very much like to finish said project, and b) sometimes in life you just need to know when you have to shut up if you wish to continue working in premeditated harmony. Is it indifference or hypocrisy to do so? Maybe...a bit, okay don't look at me like that! But it's also called reality. Hey, I'm pretty much sure you're guilty of it too at least more than once in your life.

Perhaps I may have placed the remarks of this said person out of context or perhaps not, still regardless of wherever place that individual came from, what I got from it made me uncomfortable...and dare I say, squeamish? I guess this person did have some point since just like it was told in history, the lower classes then for example would try imitating the intricate wall patterns in the houses (more like mansions) of the rich that brought about the invention of wallpapers, which in turn is quite ironic since nowadays only those with money can actually afford to have decent wallpapers installed in their abodes. But I don't know...something about that statement seems quite off for me. Maybe it has to do with that cliche saying that "times are different now" and I find that people in today's time have more freedom to express their own sense of character or identity regardless of which social bracket they belong to. Or maybe I'm just one of those who believe in making the most of what you currently got and working it instead of pretending to be having more than what you actually have.

This brings me to what I really wanted to talk about--Skinny Houses. What the heck are Skinny or Narrow Houses, you ask? No, it's not spaces on diet, but it's an uncharacteristically narrow but (often) tall house that in my opinion, the Japanese had done so well thus far compared with others. Just like what I've been saying, even though you may have a small lot or land area it doesn't mean you can't have an interesting or a house built with character. I think small houses (as compared to McMansions) have the advantage of having more playful or edgy architectural design because can you imagine having it look like these (see photo above to understand what the hell I'm talking about) on a residential structure having a total area equivalent of hectares? It would look somewhat weird I think, unless you're actually going for the whole Sydney Opera House look or you want to live in your own personal version of a museum. It's okay, I'm not judging (that ain't sarcasm, by the way). To each their own, right?

I think these type of structures are great alternatives to those planning on building a one-storey but very wide house as their starter home. This is also ideal for those owning small lots and would work more or look better if they go taller (read: proportions and compensation for those claustrophobic housemates/guests). Plus, in areas that are flood-prone having tall homes doesn't seem too bad of idea at all. And off topic, how cool is it that your house be named something other than insert-family-surname-here Residence? Doesn't "Lucky Drops House" sound way better? Not to mention, it's a very good conversation starter.

Anyway, how about you? Are you willing to go for tall and skinny?


  1. "Anyway, how about you? Are you willing to go for tall and skinny?" - YES! but not for a house.... FOR ME! hahahaha! =))*bricks myself*

    Anyway, for me it's okay to have a tall and skinny house 'cuz it's unique and parang "less maintenance" din siya (?) because maliit nga lang yung space mo unlike sa big houses :p though limited nga lang ung pwedeng maging target client nya. pwedeng pang bachelor/bachelorette or small family [group of 3].

    I saw this kind of houses na rin dito. Sa DMCI meron silang similar style pero medyo "chubby" pa rin ung size niya pero yung pinakita sa akin ni Anna along Macapagal Road, yun talaga ang Tall and Skinny house (and take note, it's in color pink! :)) )

    1. talaga ano name ng place??? haha natawa ko sa "YES! but not for a house.... FOR ME!" bwahaha you always make us laugh Joey :))

    2. yung pink skinny house? if tama pagkatanda ko, somewhere in between ng heritage hotel and ng baclaran church.. basta dun sa may resident area and makikita mo siya agad kasi along the road siya and kapansin pansin :))

      and i'm glad that i always make you guys laugh =))


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