11 July 2013

Pillow Talk

The New Breed of Pillow Covers
Throw pillows--love 'em or hate 'em. I've encountered some people who loathe throw pillows because they think they're just decorative pieces whose sole purpose is to make sleeping or lounging around difficult because you have to put them aside each friggin' time you do so. Personally (and that's because I'm bias), I love them. A lot. That doesn't mean you have to overkill your bed or sofa with these fluffy things though. Throw pillows help "soften" the look of a space and could act as a decorative accent if you can't repaint your walls.

Speaking of which, how cool are these throw pillow covers from DENY Designs? I'm always a fan of anything that involves the application of Graphic Design to Interiors and these pillow cases are so awesome that it needs no justification really. How I wish we could have something similar that is readily available, not to mention affordable (outside department stores perhaps?) here in Manila.

Sources: (Top-Bottom, Left-Right) Electric Haze Outdoor Throw Pillow by Amy Sia // Floral Explosion Pink Outdoor Throw Pillow by Bianca Green // Oh Deer 1 Outdoor Throw Pillow by Bianca Green // Superheroes Outdoor Throw Pillow by Kal Barteski // Bear Throw Pillow by Romi Vega // Summer Dreaming Throw Pillow by Holly Sharpe // Retrographic Rainbow Throw Pillow by Budi Kwan // Green Focus on Palms Outdoor Throw Pillow by Bianca Green

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