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You know how some people just knew what they wanted to be when they grew up? Well I underwent various sparkly options for career paths--one of which was being a bad ass mafia goddaughter after watching the entire The Godfather trilogy (what else) when I realized I was bad at being the bad guy so I thought hey, why not be a fighter of crime while staying awesome and be a sniper instead? Alas, my eyes failed to meet 20-20 and I semi-freak out by the sight of blood and human goo so that idea went down the drain for good. Then of course there's that every little girl's dream of becoming a cashier just because typing and hearing those kaching-kaching sounds are our innate programmed aphrodisiacs (in close approximate to popping up bubble wraps and eating baked oysters) when I discovered the Internet and well, what can I say? Typing and kaching-kaching just lost its luster.

But what the hell, who am I kidding? I knew as early on as high school what I wanted to become--an Interior Designer! You might be curious as to how I came about such certainty on which path I wanted to take and even if you're not curious do not kid yourself I know you do otherwise you would not read this about page. Call it an epiphany or enlightenment of sorts, but it happened during a car ride going home on one stormy night. Okay it wasn't stormy, you got me, I just wanted to make it sound dramatic. Well I used to love playing Barbies and had been very much hooked with The Sims at that time and well put two and two of those together and poof, I went ahead and became just that.

Yes darlings, I wish I could have given you a more than skin deep and life-altering reason that could make you burst into oceanic tears behind how I came about choosing this profession, but it is indeed because of pink plastic dolls and woo-hooing sims that are to be blamed. My classmates (and perhaps my professor) back then during Interior Design orientation didn't think it was funny, but ah well to each their own right?

Of course it's not about the reason of how it began, but the purpose of why I did it. I suppose what attracted me to designing Interior spaces is how people's faces tend to lit up whenever you do a makeover of their home. That less than a second moment that gets to you every friggin' time. That sometimes all it takes is a simple tweak of paint or a rearrangement of this and that to make a positive change in people's lives. Interior Design is more than picking out a curtain style for your window and even more than drafting Interior architectural drawings, memorizing standard ergonomic measurements or analyzing traffic flow and maximizing profitability with the wise use of space. It's about giving people an experience of how they imagine living their lives and making it happen for them. It is inspiring, transforming and you can hire me by referring to my contact details below :)"It's about giving people an experience of how they imagine living their lives and making it happen for them."

- Mikka

Right, I haven't formally introduced myself yet. My name is Mikka...Mikka Pangilinan, available for hire and at your service--well as far as Interior Design and Interior Styling goes so don't think of any funny business.

If you wish to inquire about my professional services
(space dilemmas, furniture sourcing, event styling & all that jazz),
please feel free to drop me an email at


I'd try getting in touch with you stat. In the meantime,
you can also check out my online portfolio.

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